Kiosk Services : 


Price per hour = 40 euro, regardless the number of participants.

Welcome Pack and Residential Tour : 4 hours. If you prefer a tailor made activity, the price will be adapted accordingly. See offer.

Starter’s Kit, Career Orientation and History shoot : 3 hours program . If you prefer a made-to-measure activity, the price will again change accordingly. See offer.

Coaching Program and Total Solution Package : see offer after contact.

Advice on demand : depends on the request.

Bank details: see offer.

General terms


In case of an offer request, we will send you in principle , a confirmation within 48 hours.

In this confirmation, you will find all the modalities. During our meeting, we will discuss the services and conditions. Following this meeting, you will receive our offer. As soon as the offer is accepted, the payment modalities shall be apply.



Payment is made by wiring the amount to City Connexion’s bank account.

You will find City Connexion’s bank details in our offer.


What happens in case of a cancellation?

See offer.



City Connexion cannot be held liable for any kind of incident or accidents.



For private persons, the prices include VAT. For all other price requests, the prices do not include VAT. The activities of non-profit groups and associations are exempted of VAT.

Useful information

Number of participants

When can we guarantee a successful concept ? When we can accompany an individual or a limited group of people. This will guarantee efficiency at all times. Of course, the group will only be composed of people you know.

It goes without saying that for companies we can bend this rule. However, the best experience is guaranteed with a limited group of participants.


Outfit and accessibility

We advise our participants to wear comfortable clothes suitable for walking. If someone of your party uses a wheelchair , please let us know. We will examine the possibilities together.


How , where and when do we meet?

This will be part of a mutual agreement.


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