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The Magnificent Seven Tours

Would you like to experience a feast for the senses? Are you interested in one of Brussel’s many typical characteristics? We propose the following menu ("Tailor-made") :

  • Heart and Soul : The city of Brussels was founded along the river Senne, the heart and soul of the old city. Are you ready to explore the Lower City ?
  • Power and Splendour : See how the city was able to grow and experience the grandeur of the years after the independence of Belgium. Visit the Upper City with us.
  • Colours of the City : Brussels is a cosmopolitan world city on a human scale. Brussels is a dazzling mix of city districts, urban cultures and communities... building together their future. Let’s unravel the migration streams and learn all about the dynamic development of the city. Shall we ?
  • Patchwork of hidden Pearls : The animated past and openness of the city has led to a unique identity. It’s reflected in the continuous dynamic and changes, and in a... mix of hidden secrets. Do you feel like having a closer look at the metamorphosis of the city and place it in the right perspective ?
  • Art Nouveau and Fin de Siècle : Brussels has a unique architectural landscape to offer. And the many hidden architectural treasures will blow you away. Through the centuries, the architectural development made Brussels a place of rich cultural heritage and placing it on the world map. Curious ?
  • Flavours of Brussels : Beer, fries, chocolate, waffles, Brussels sprouts and chicory. Even the street food is worth a taste. The many restaurants and cafés in the city invite you to try one of the many Belgian culinary masterpieces. Tempted ?
  • Vibrant and Trendy City : Brussels is a contemporary city offering numerous activities. Art, theatre, comics, concerts, fashion, original and charming bars… Why not visit a couple of these trendy places together ?

The Unexpected Joyous Entry Tour

Or would you rather book the surprising “Unexpected Joyous Entry Tour”? No specific preferences but always ready for an extra touch ? This is a fun and interesting plug-in.

Are you staying for a while in the Belgian capital ? Then this is the walk you are looking for. As soon as you arrive, you will get an overview of the city , enabling you to explore the city on your own .

The City Cruise

During the XXL version of the Unexpected Joyous Entry Tour, we will really spoil you. During this City Cruise by foot , you will enjoy the city even more intensely. Welcome aboard !

The Neighbourhood Exploration Walk

 Are you interested in a city neighbourhood ? We propose an adapted itinerary .

 To make it all easier, we made an overview of the specific neighbourhoods :

  • Sablon neighbourhood / the Marolles / South area
  • Botanique / St Hubert area / Grand Place / Royal quarter / Mont des Arts area
  • Canal area / Northern district / Beguinage / Fish Market / Stock Exchange area / Ilot Sacré
  • Dansaert neighbourhood / Grain Market / Saint-Géry / Saint-Jacques / Saint-Jean’s quarter
  • Leopold quarter / Matongé neighbourhood / Squares quarter / Golden Fleece area
  • European quarter / Cinquantenaire neighbourhood / Avenue Tervueren area
  • Flagey quarter / Ixelles Ponds /Solbosch- neighbourhood / La Cambre
  • Louise quarter / Châtelain neighbourhood /Brugmann area
  • Southeast : Woluwe valley / Forest of Soignes / Saint-Job quarter / Observatory area (*)
  • Northwest : Josaphat neighbourhood / Atomium - Heysel plain / Basilica / Neerpede area (*)
  • The Brussels parks (*)

(*) with personal or public transport, or bicycle.

 Memory Lanes Walk

Visited Brussels before? Lived here some time ago ?  Feel like looking up the sites you used to go to ? Just book our Memory Lanes Walk and relive your past . Let us know what you really would  like to do.

And for our locals guests , we suggest the Brusseleir Tour, you will enjoy the authenticity of Brussels’ Zinnekes , Ketjes and Zwans Brussels’ dialect . Important : Knowledge of  Dutch and French are required to understand their fun.


The Slow City Walk

Are you here on a business trip ? Or just stopping by ? We offer a relaxing break. How about a stroll through the neighbourhood near your hotel or residence? Why not go to a nice little local restaurant with regional products on the menu ? Or how about a visit to one of the many museums ? Keep it simple and ... relax.


All you have to do is choose. We look forward to accompanying you !


And, explicitly for companies, we have :

Playful Company Trips

Custom-made is recommended for company events, personnel events and for foreign colleagues and /or clients on a work related visit to Belgium. We offer you all  a pleasant and informative excursion.


Feel free to contact us. We will gladly send you a separate proposal.



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